OSHA Consultation

Our goal is to help businesses meet safety and health regulations and develop effective safety and health management programs. We provide you with confidential, comprehensive reports of our findings and recommendations. Services are provided free of charge. Records maintained by the Outreach and Education Consultation Program are kept confidential and not shared with other SCOSHA programs.

Services We Provide:

  • Full Service on-site safety and health surveys, or limited surveys tailored to your request.
  • Technical assistance
  • Safety and health program assessment and assistance
  • Air sampling and analysis
  • Noise monitoring

Learn More about the Consultation Process:

  • How To Make a Request
  • Employer obligation: under the agreement with the Outreach and Education Program, the employer promises to correct, within a reasonable time frame, all hazards identified.
  • The employer must also agree to post the list of hazards that accompanies the Consultation report. If an employer refuses to correct or verify correction of a hazard, the Program Manager may refer the matter to the SC OSHA Compliance Program.

Outreach and Education Resources